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                  Professional Achievement Quality, Innovation Leads the Future
                  Current location: Home > Production center
                  Production center
                  Jin Huite adheres to the business philosophy of "exquisite, high quality, differentiated", strives for improvement and innovation
                  Each achievement is like a footprint, which witnesses our course, along with our growth, demonstrates our strength, but also inspires us to continue to lead the future in the industry. Harmonious staff, tacit team consciousness and positive enterprising spirit have laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Jinhuite.
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                  Zhejiang Kingsway High-Tech Fiber Co., Ltd.
                  Add:1 Yongsheng Road, Dingqiao Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China
                  Tel: 0573-89267605
                  For domestic: (+86)15257581372
                  For export:(+86)0573-89267638
                  E-mail: ksysales@kingswayfiber.com
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